Whether you’re a professional vintage seller, or only sell a few pieces every now and then, if you’re in Australia, you can sell your vintage homewares and furniture on Kitsch please. You don’t need to be a whiz on the computer either; selling on Kitsch please is easy and only takes a few minutes! You can target your listings locally by offering free local pick-up, or reach national buyers by offering national shipping.


Listing on Kitsch please is free (no insertion fees!), and only when your item sells do we deduct a sales fee (15% of the total amount collected). In return, Kitsch please handles the financial transaction (including transaction fees!), deposits the sales proceeds into your nominated bank or PayPal account, and ensures your product is seen in great company, in the right category, and by buyers who have come to look specifically for a vintage product just like yours!


SignUp  Step 1. ‘SIGN UP’ or ‘LOG IN’

If you are a new user, you must register via ‘Sign up’. Once registered as a seller, you are able to log in and begin. You’ll be sent confirmation of registration by way of email. Please check your ‘junk/spam’ folder (and mark as safe!) if you don’t see an email from Kitsch please arrive in your inbox. 



Fill out the necessary fields. You must ensure the information, descriptions and photographs you present are as accurate as possible. These will be submitted for review. Detailed instructions on how to create your listing can be found here.



Your submission will be reviewed to ensure photos and descriptions are clear and accurate and that you have completed all relevant fields including the postage/pick up options available to the buyer. In some cases, you may be asked to revise and resubmit. This is to ensure your product is presented to the buyer in the best way possible alongside other quality listings.


shutterstock_294070787  Step 4. YOUR LISTING IS PUBLISHED

Following the successful review of your listing, it is then published on the site in the relevant category. If you have opted to have your listing ‘featured’, it will appear at the top of the search results for that category.


earn-money  Step 5. YOUR LISTED ITEM IS SOLD

Kitsch please accepts full payment for your item on your behalf. Online payments close more sales, save you time, and having Kitsch please as the facilitator creates peace of mind for both the Buyer and Seller.

You will receive an email notifying you to ship or arrange the collection of your product. When your product has been shipped (or collected), you must log in to your account area and under ‘My Orders’, select the order number and change the status of your order to ‘Complete’. The funds minus the final sale fee (15% of the total sale, including shipping costs, which covers commission and merchant fees) will be released to you within 1-4 business days via Electronic Funds Transfer or PayPal.


phone-contact  Step 6. FOLLOW UP

It is the Seller’s obligation to notify Kitsch please upon the sale of the item in their listing if the item has sold outside of the Site or it is no longer available for some other reason, and edit/remove the listing accordingly from within your account area. Failure to do so may incur a false sale and therefore a chargeback fee to the Seller (that’s you!).


Tips for sellers

Taking the right photos of your vintage pieces

Untitled design (25)


It is very important to take good photos of your listed items. You don’t have to be a professional photographer, but here are a few basic tips for getting the right shots to ensure buyers get an accurate representation of your listed items for sale.


Capture item from various angles

The buyer is going to want to know the product. Intimately. Capture it from the front, back, top, side… you get the idea. As many shots as are necessary to ensure the buyer has an accurate and thorough view of your product. Some products will require more than others.


Make sure item is in full view, in full frame, and not obstructed by anything

That’s probably obvious, but the frequency of product photography on other sites that feel like a game of Where’s Wally is surprising!


Ensure optimal lighting and a neutral backdrop

Natural lighting is the easiest and often best light to use. If this isn’t possible- have a play with room lights and lamps to get the right look. Try not to use a flash. They can create odd colours, shadows and reflections. A neutral background will ensure that your product is the centre of attention. And it should be.


Use a decent camera

If you have a professional SLR camera with all the bells and whistles, go ahead- make my day! But for the rest of us, most smart phones have fairly decent camera capacities – iPhones and iPads take a pretty good photo.

If you are using your iPhone or iPad, change the function from ‘photo’ to ‘square’ as this gives you photo dimensions that are more compatible with this site.


Indulge your inner stylist

Include photos of the product alone, and if possible, in its intended context or setting. Get styley with it. It’s a powerful tool – people make careers out of it! But let’s not go over the top. Remember you have a maximum of 8 photos per product.


Pay attention to detail

Ensure to capture labels, marks, damage, design features, prints etc that are unique to your item. These are the things buyers will be looking for.


Couple your items together where possible

Some items that are sold separately can be coupled and photographed together. You can use the same photographs for both listings. This will decrease the amount of photos you need to take, and you can cross promote products!


Post edit

For those with Photoshop skills; if you’ve got it, flaunt it. Feel free to present your product in the best way, so long as it’s presented in as true to form as possible. For others, again, you can do some pretty nifty things with light, contrast etc on your smartphone to turn an average photo into a good one. Just don’t obscure your product with misleading filters.


Size matters

Make your photo files big enough for buyers to zoom in on product details. The maximum file size you can upload is 8MB.


Help buyers find you!

Let your followers know where they can find and buy your products! You can download and print a POS Card, or you can share via your social media networks and link them back to your Seller page on Kitsch please.

POS Card

How to describe your vintage pieces

More is more when it comes to describing your items. Spare no detail. In addition to its condition, size, material etc, where does it come from? What can it be used for? Is it a regretful sale and you probably won’t forgive yourself but it’s simply too big or small for your space?

On the topic of size- measure once then measure again. Give your buyers the right specifications. This is perhaps more crucial with furniture than it is with other homewares; there’s nothing worse than finally getting your hands on the prized vintage piece only to discover that it doesn’t fit where you want it to!

When it comes to describing your product, honesty is the best policy. Don’t sugar coat it. If it’s scratched up, has a chip, smells a bit funny- disclose! Chances are there’s a buyer out there who will love it and simply has to have it anyway.

How to value your vintage pieces

Ensure you value and price your item accordingly. There are many factors to consider when pricing your item. These include but are not limited to;

  • Size
  • Origin
  • Designer
  • Material
  • Condition
  • Availability / Rarity

Do your research. See how comparable items are priced and what they are sold for. Where does your item fit?

Shipping (12)

Decide how the item is going to get from you to the buyer, and make the options clear in your listing. Where possible, incorporate cost of shipping into listed price so you can offer ‘free shipping’ – it is more appealing to the buyer. For a full breakdown of shipping options, see Shipping & Returns.

Sellers are to insure their shipping for damages in transit. If your items have been damaged in transit, buyers will be prompted to photograph the items and the condition of the package they arrived in, and email these directly to you. With these, you may claim damage costs from your courier, and reimburse the buyer accordingly.

All orders should be packed to withstand the shipping process, as this is the main cause for damage, and the main reason insurance claims are rejected.

For packing tips, please also visit Shipping & Returns.


For some high value pieces, Sellers and Buyers may prefer that the items are inspected in person before final purchase. In these cases, we recommend that Sellers advertise their high value products as purchase pending inspection.

Kitsch please facilitates all transactions via the site, as online payments close more deals, save you time, and having Kitsch please as the facilitator of transactions provides security for both the buyer and the seller. The funds from the buyer are held until such time as the purchase is successfully picked-up or delivered, so if a Buyer decides on pick-up/inspection that the piece is not what they had expected or is unsatisfactory for any other reason, Kitsch please is able to issue a full refund to the Buyer. 


It is free to list on Kitsch please. That is, there are no insertion fees for your listings. When your items sells, Kitsch please deducts a final sale fee of 15% of the total amount received. This fee covers financial transaction (PayPal) fees to both accept the payment and deposit the proceeds into your PayPal account, the promotion and marketing of your item as part of the site, the curation of listings on the site and sales commission.

Final Sale Fees are capped at $750 per item.

When you receive an order

Don’t forget to keep the Buyer informed! Once you have shipped the order (or it has been collected), you are required to ‘Complete’ the order in your account area, under ‘My Orders’. This lets the Buyer know that you have shipped their items, or confirms that they have picked them up! For more details on this, see Listing a product for sale on Kitsch please.

Exchanges and returns

Decide on your policy for exchanges and returns. This may be more applicable to retailer sellers than private sellers. Having a policy is at the Seller’s discretion. But a buyer will more likely be inclined to buy your item if they know they have options.

Sellers please note: all listings must be ‘classified’ in nature, that is, retailers are not to advertise their own telephone numbers, websites or email addresses within their listings on Kitsch please.

By using Kitsch please as a Seller, you agree to comply with these instructions, the Terms & Conditions, and the Shipping & Returns policy.

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