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Vintage Industrial Cupboard

Industrial Vintage Cupboard
2 Drawers
2 Shelves
A Pull Out Top Shelf
Really Cool Piece
Dimensions Are 47 x 47 x 107 50kg
Would Be Great In The kitchen or dining Room
A Storage Piece In The Office Home
In The Bed Room Side Table  Living Room  Many Options And possibilities
If There Is AnyThing You Need To Know Or More Information; Please Email Below
We Have A Warehouse In Melbourne And An Event Space In Thredbo Where You Can Have A Look At What We Have
Freight Can Be Arranged So Don’t Stress We Can Have Delivered To Your Door With A Commercial Freight Carrier For An Affordable Price

Seller: vintageindustrial1
Seller Location: Crackenback, NSW 2625

Additional Information

  • Condition:

    Great - This piece is in top condition for its age.

  • Materials:

    Metal Old Steel

  • Approximate Dimensions:

    47 x 47x 107

  • Accepts Returns or Exchange:



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Seller: vintageindustrial1

Seller Location: Crackenback, NSW 2625

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