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Large 1960s Mid Century Executive Desk

This is a beautiful and impressive large executive desk that I have been hanging on to for years but am now reluctantly parting with. (We have three boys under 4 yrs old and we need playing space in the lounge room!) I bought this second-hand when I lived in Sydney and used it in my Deputy Principal’s office. The Sydney owner claimed it was the desk of the Managing Director of Yardley Cosmetics in London. I have no ability to confirm this, and no particular reason to doubt it! It is a fantastic desk that would be at home in Don Draper’s Madison Avenue office. It is very stylish and well-constructed with dovetail joints on the drawers. Condition is very good, with no modifications or holes drilled etc. It certainly could be used as-is and would be impressive in a work or home office. Width:2100 Height:720 Depth:1000

Seller: Kurt Wawszkowicz
Seller Location: HENTY, NSW 2658

Additional Information

  • Condition:

    Good - This piece has some wear and tear consistent with age.

  • Materials:


  • Approximate Dimensions:

    72 x 210 x 100

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Seller: Kurt Wawszkowicz

Seller Location: HENTY, NSW 2658

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