For sellers


Why sell on Kitsch please?

Why not? It’s free to list, you’re reaching an audience who is specifically interested in your type of product, your product is only seen in good company, and you don’t pay a cent until you actually sell your product!

What can I sell on Kitsch please?

Kitsch please specialises in unique vintage treasures for the home, ranging from the 40s right through to the 90s, in a broad range of styles like Mid-Century Modern, Retro, Hollywood Regency, Boho and Industrial. This can include furniture, homewares, kitchenware, art, soft furnishings and other curios and décor. Your listings will be reviewed and assessed on the style, appearance, condition and availability of your product to determine its suitability and compatibility with Kitsch please and its current offering. If it’s unique, second-hand, handsome (!), and not run-of-the-mill, flat-packed and ready-to-build, then it likely has a home on Kitsch please.

Particular designers that are in demand include; Parker, Noblett, Grant Featherston, Fred Lowen (Fler), Kartell, Tessa, TH Brown, Moderntone, Hans Hayson, G Plan and other popular Mid-Century Modern designers.

I already sell on Gumtree / eBay / Etsy, why should I list on Kitsch please too?

Again, why not? It’s free to list on Kitsch please, your products are seen in good company, in the right category, and by vintage lovers who have come to look at products just like yours! A listing on Kitsch please can be an addition to your other selling platforms / methods, to easily extend your products to a new, focused vintage-loving audience!

What does it cost to list?

It is free to list on Kitsch please. When your item has sold, Kitsch please deducts a ‘final sale fee’, which is 15% of the total amount paid by the buyer (including postage and handling fees). This fee covers merchant (PayPal) fees to both accept the payment on your behalf and pay it on to you, as well as commission and curation. Tip: You can incorporate this fee into your consideration when pricing your items.

Final Sale Fees are capped at $750 per item (listed at $5K or more).

How do I list an item for sale?

Listing your vintage wares on Kitsch please is free and easy. You can find a step-by-step guide here.

How do I decide on a price for my item?

Sellers price their items at their own discretion. There are many factors to consider when pricing your item. These include but are not limited to;

  •  Origin
  • Designer
  • Size
  • Material
  • Condition
  • Availability / Rarity

Do your research. See how comparable items are priced and what they are sold for. Where does your item fit in?

My photos are uploading sideways! What do I do?

The site is very clever and can tell when you’ve used your phone sideways to take a photo. But fear not! They’ll autocorrect before your listing is published.

How long does my ad last for?

Your item will remain listed until such time that it has sold or you decide to remove it. After 30 days, you may be encouraged to reduce your listing price to prompt a sale.

It is the Seller’s obligation to notify Kitsch please if the item has sold outside of the Site or it is no longer available for some other reason, and remove/edit the listing accordingly. Failure to do so may incur a false sale and therefore a chargeback fee to the Seller. (That’s you!)

How does shipping work?

The Seller will outline the shipping options available for their items, and these should be clearly outlined in the listing submission. A full break down of shipping options and the Seller’s responsibilities involved with each can be found at Shipping and Returns.

For a list of handy couriers to know, you can read our “5 Great Australian Courier Services For Your Online Shipping Needs

I’m not sure how much to charge for interstate freight!

Kitsch please allows you to set your own domestic shipping rates per general geographic location in Australia. Sometimes, for unusually sized or larger items, it’s difficult to estimate how much will need to be charged. In this case, you can offer Free Local Pickup and suggest that you are happy to work with a courier of the Buyer’s choice. This way the Buyer can arrange and pay for a courier that they are comfortable with!

What about international shipping?

Kitsch please is currently only available to Sellers located within Australia, however, as a local seller, if you wish to offer international shipping options to our international site visitors, you may do so within your product listing. Simply select ‘Free Local Pickup’ as a shipping option, and in your item description, state that you are willing to organise international shipping at extra cost. TIP** This extra shipping cost can be invoiced directly to the buyer via a PayPal money request.

How and when do I receive payment for my item?

Kitsch please will accept full payment for your item on your behalf. Online payments close more sales, save you time, and having Kitsch please as the facilitator creates peace of mind for both the Buyer and Seller.

After purchase, you will be notified to ship or arrange the collection of your product. Once you have confirmed that your product has been shipped (or collected), the funds minus a final sale fee (15% of the total sale, which covers commission and merchant fees) will be released to you within 5 business days via Electronic Funds Transfer or PayPal.

Why was my listing not published?

In some cases, submitted listings may not be published to the site. In these cases, it is likely that the items were either not complimentary to the Kitsch please brand, style, or the current product offering. Kitsch please has these quality control methods in place to ensure only relevant items are presented to the buyer, and your products, as the Seller, are only seen in good company.

Declined listings may not be a reflection on the piece itself, it may just be that there are too many of that particular item/style currently on offer!

Where are my emails from Kitsch please?

If you aren’t receiving emails from Kitsch please to your inbox, be sure to check your ‘junk’ or ‘spam’ folders. Some filtering systems get a bit confused. Be sure to mark them as safe so that you receive Kitsch please emails to your inbox.

Having trouble listing or have more questions?

Flip an email through to support@kitschplease.com.au and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Or download Why sell on Kitsch please? PDF.

For buyers


Why buy on Kitsch please?

Kitsch please is a dedicated and curated online marketplace for buying and selling unique vintage treasures. In other words, it’s a one-stop-shop for a wide variety of vintage wares from a wide variety of sellers. All listings are reviewed and curated to ensure that you’re only presented with unique, relevant and quality products with detailed and comprehensive descriptions.

How does shipping work and how long does it take?

The Seller will outline what options are available to get your purchase to you. These can include Free Shipping, Free Local Pick-Up, Flat Rate Shipping or Calculated Cost Shipping. For example, one Seller might offer Free Local Pick-Up or Flat Rate Shipping of $10 Australia Wide. As the buyer, you select which option is suitable for you.

You can find a full break down of shipping options at Shipping & Returns.

Sellers are required to ship their items within 1-5 business days of receiving your order. Delivery times vary depending on both yours and the Seller’s location. Please allow 5-6 business days for delivery once confirmation of shipment has been received.  For any questions regarding the whereabouts of your items, you may contact the Seller directly.

How can I find out more about the condition of an item?

Sellers are encouraged to include as much detail as possible in their item descriptions. Should you have any further questions, you can contact the seller via the ‘Ask seller a question’ tab the listing. Although every effort is made to ensure the authenticity of the items and listings, in order to protect your personal contact and payment information, please facilitate all communications and transactions through Kitsch please.

What does ‘At Market’ mean?

The ‘At Market‘ notification on a product listing means that the product you are looking at is being exhibited elsewhere, for example a weekend market, at that time. You may still buy the product, but you must first express your interest and confirm its availability via the ‘Ask Seller a Question’ tab on the product listing. If the item has not been sold at market, the Seller can put the item aside for you and you can complete your transaction on the site.

Can I return an item or cancel an order?

Having a returns and exchange policy is at the discretion of the Seller. A Seller will outline whether they have a policy in place in their listing. For the Kitsch please returns policy, please visit Shipping & Returns.

In some cases, you may be able to cancel an order before the item has been shipped. To enquire about cancelling an order, please contact the Seller directly.

My items arrived damaged, what should I do?

All orders are packed to withstand the shipping process, however Sellers are encouraged to insure their shipping for damages in transit.

If your items have been damaged in transit, please photograph the items and the condition of the package they arrived in, and email these directly to the Seller. They will liaise with you directly from here.

For items purchased directly from Kitsch please (as the Seller), once you have emailed photos through of your damaged goods, repack the damaged item/s back in its packaging, and label ‘Return to Sender’ in large writing, and pop it in the post within 3 business days of receiving it. Providing you have done all of the above, your claim will be assessed and you may be issued a store credit for the full amount you paid for the item including shipping.

More on Shipping & Returns here.

How are my payments and information protected?

When purchasing, your financial details are passed through a secure server using the latest SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption technology. You can find out more about Payments and Security here.

Is international shipping available?

Please contact the Seller to enquire about international shipping.


Still have questions?

Contact support@kitschplease.com.au